Parents Everything you need to know


Baiguate is a family, and the camp quickly becomes the home of the campers.

Our campers are here to have fun, they are on vacation. We are aware of our responsibility when you hand us your treasures, your children, under our care. We maintain personal contact with each child and with the instructors, they are under our constant supervision. Our policy about respect and open doors gives our campers the confidence to express themselves and feel at home.


The campers sleep in bedrooms of five, seven, twelve or eighteen. In the bedrooms of five, seven and twelve they are accompanied by an instructor, in those of eighteen, two instructors sleep in the room with them. All bedrooms are equipped with sanitary facilities, showers and ceiling fans.

Depending on the ages of the campers registered, the groups are formed to determine the type of bedroom assigned to your children.

Nurse's office

Our nurse's office is fully equipped and attended by a full-time medical staff, 24/7.

We have a specific medicine reception day, you will be informed in advance. We encourage to deliver them in a zip lock with the name, Baiguate ID and include the prescription. If there are refrigerated medicines, on the day of departure there will be a staff to receive them.


As parents, is only natural that we want to know the whereabouts of our children and teens on camp.  Everyday we post photos of all the campers in different activities.  Although we ask the campers to leave their cell phones and electronics at home, we keep you posted by letters sent weekly.  Our cell phones are available 24/7 to call or write us, it is our pleasure to inform you about your children and teens.

Your children and teens will write to you once a week and you can answer that letter via email by sending it to cartas@campamentobaiguate.com


To support the campers in their independence process, we believe it is better to limit telephone contact. Talk with your children and teens about this.


The laundry service is available every 3 days for the program from 7 to 13 years.  The clothes are washed, folded and delivered to them at the laundry room.  They retrieve them at shower time.  Please label the clothes with the Baiguate ID so they can take home their complete belongings.

For the Empower program, 14 to 16 years, the teens are responsible for washing their own clothes, there is a washer and dryer for those purposes.  They must carry a bag to keep the dirty clothes until the day they do laundry.

Please make sure all clothing is properly labeled with the Baiguate ID assigned to them when you sign up. We prefer that the clothes are labeled with black Sharpie, it is not erasable.  Label ALL belongings.


Each camper having a birthday, is gifted with a cake to be shared with his or her group.  That day a call home is allowed for parents to congratulate them.


We ask for a deposit of RD$2,500.00 pesos for personal expenses.  They use this money when they go to town, if they run out of personal care products, if they need a specific medication or want to buy something in our store.  They are allowed to buy only one item once a day.  If at the end of the camp they have money left, it will be returned in an envelope inside their backpack.  In case they run out of money, we will contact you to transfer the money.

Schedule example

7:30 am Wake up
8:00 am Breakfast
8:30 am Check that everything is in order in the bedroom / deliver dirty clothes if it is laundry day.
Prepare for the morning program.
9:30 am Morning program
10:00 am Snack
1:00 pm Lunch
1:45 pm Time to rest
2:30 pm Afternoon program
4:00 pm Time off
5:00 pm Showers
6:00 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Evening program
9:00 pm Prepare to sleep
9:30 pm Lights off (7 – 13 years program)
10:00 pm Go to bed (14-16 years program)
10:30 pm Lights off (14-16 years program)



Our staff designs the menu, taking into account what the campers like and keeping a balanced and nutritious diet. We only use natural condiments and as far as possible we use organic products. Salads are harvested in our garden, without pesticides. We serve 3 meals and two snacks. All of our meals are buffet style, our staff supervises that the campers eat what they need to have a balanced diet. We have options for lactose intolerant, vegetarians and other dietary needs.

Camp start day

Transportation and luggage

The experience of going by bus is an important part of camping.  It gives campers the opportunity to meet and share the joy of starting the summer.  We organize buses by age group that are accompanied by of our instructors.  You will be notified in advance from where the buses will depart.

Closing day

7 – 13 years program

Parents should pick up their children at camp.  You should receive the logistics a week before.  The camp doors will open at 9:00 am to collect luggage and park your vehicle.  We will have a closing ceremony from 10:00 am 11:00 am.

14-16 years program

The campers of this program will return by bus.  If they have siblings in the other program they can stay and participate in the ceremony.  The bus will leave at 9:30 am.

Clothing list

There is a limit of 2 duffel bags and a backpack per camper.  Please label all the belongings of the campers with the Baiguate ID, which is assigned when they register, using a black sharpie. The list of clothes we provide is enough, our years of experience tell us. Remember to label everything. It is impossible to return clothing or accessories when they are not identified. Duffle bags must be identified with the name and Baiguate ID of the camper.  These IDs will be given the day they come to look for the t-shirts, part of their uniform (you will be informed of the cost later). At the end of the camp it is our intention that all the clothes and accessories they brought gets back home, we regret that we cannot take responsibility for the loss of clothes in the laundry or those left in the different areas.

List of clothes and accessories:


Items not allowed

These articles are LEFT at home THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED:

  • Cell phones
  • Laptop computers/electronic games
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Knifes
  • Snacks or any type of food